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Partnering with 6-8 figure shopify owners to build memorable brands through tailored approaches
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brand builders

what agency has worked brand side building 8 figure Shopify Plus brands?

we’ve worked on both sides of the business. with backgrounds in e-commerce we’ve been burnt by agencies in the past and understand where the shortcomings are. we understand what goes on behind the scenes of a brand. most importantly, we’ve been in your shoes.

our crew work towards your goals and guides you on the e-commerce side of the business along the way. sharing our knowledge with you and any proven evergreen strategies we’ve learnt that will make you say “thats good”.

trust, we get it, agencies can suck

what we do

we specialise in paid advertising for Shopify e-commerce brands.
digital/ e-commerce growth stratagem

international launch stratagem, fruity app setup & monitoring

paid social & search [all the things]

meta, google, klaviyo, tik tok, snapchat, pinterest

thats good plan™️

the sauce, we'll save this for when we chat

flawless communication

transparent, no b-s, dashboard reporting, weekly catch-up [this part should be easy but we're sure you know, with others, it isn't]

“Working closely with the team at Thats Good Studio for over a year has been a dream. They have become a key part of Merchants as partners but also friends. Creating an omnichannel paid strategy, helping scale Merchants and implementing creative tech solutions. It’s a relationship that goes way beyond business; we’re glad they’re the team by our side.”
Matthew Banks
Founder & Creative Director
Merchants Of The Sun

we walk the walk

many brands are having their brand identity surrendered by agencies. sound familiar?

we've seen many brands surrender their brand voice and values through paid advertising by agencies who don't understand or align with their brand.

hearing that your brand identity needs to be sacrificed in order to grow your brand just doesn't sit right with us. your brand is at the forefront of everything we do.

we build memorable campaigns that connect you and your market. think of us as brandtellers who define the digital landscape with unconventional; data driven marketing - because doing what everyone else is, doesn't build a legacy.



we get immersed into your brand's DNA

platforming your brand can be rocket science, but it shouldn't feel like it.

it shouldn't be difficult to know your brand, people just aren't getting it right which is why everything we do is carefully curated and exclusively selected to keep your marketing on brand.


we keep it tailored

we keep it good, good for you and good for your brand.

in a world of sameness we make your brand stand out with creative definition


we build strong connections for lifelong collaboration

we invest in your brand, we value our relationship we'll never see you as just another number.

it may seem simple but it’s a part of our DNA, we believe collaborating and communicating together rather than working for one another allows for endless opportunities to be built from the ether.


we synthesise your data to create impact

we aren’t about the guessing game and launching something in hopes it will generate results for you.

we let the numbers be our guide and focus on a data driven approach in everything we do.

"We've been able to grow from 6 figures to 8 figures, with Laura and Sabian's help and guidance far beyond driving and scaling our ads. They were able to handle all channels of marketing from e-commerce strategy, email marketing, competitions and whatever we could throw at them. They're incredibly hard-working, great people and first class at anything they do.”
Andrew Macdonald
Owner & Founder
Ringers Western

we're not
your miracle

honesty is the best policy

often agencies have the king of spin sales teams, promising the dream and delivering sweet FA. fortunately, that’s just not us.

we’re honest in our approach, our work, and our comms. if we don’t believe we can get your brand to where you want to be, we’ll talk again when we know we can.

your team


we’ve always believed in quality over quantity.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”
---- Steve Jobs

Thats good studio


meet Laura, the head of creation for thats good studio [and secretly the boss - but don’t tell Sabian]. with sharp attention to detail and a love for data; there’s not much that can get past her. having worked both for brands and agencies, her true passion lies in helping build brands to their true potential.



with a background in interactive media and design, heading marketing for an international brand, and a true creative at heart, meet the ideas guy. the man cannot function without a good process, Sabian continually provides value and ideas to every brand he works alongside.


partners [we  love who we work with]

“Thats Good Studio is it! We’ve worked with agencies in the past, they didn’t get our brand or the results we needed. TGS has decreased our CAC 5.8x from $162.28 to $27.98. Whilst showing us how to grow our brand for the long-term- guns.”
Filip & Damian


what makes thatsgood+ STUDIO unique?

we understand what it takes to build a brand from grass roots. how far a dollar needs to stretch and what it’s like to be burnt by “agencies”. we spent half a decade brand side. so we get it, building a brand can be difficult- great things take time.

do you specialise to a niche?

we're not here to sell you an unrealistic dream case scenario- you can find those people elsewhere. we're transparent communicators who won't lock you into contracts and provide a minimum 3-month Thats Good Plan™️ to get you where you need to be.

what can you guarantee our brand?

we're not here to sell you an unrealistic dream case scenario- you can find those people elsewhere. we're transparent communicators who won't lock you into contracts and provide a minimum 3-month Thats Good Plan™️ to get you where you need to be.

how do you work with our brand and how are comms handled?

others say clients we say crew our relationships are symbiotic, not one-directional, a collaboration of friends and partnerships rather than one working for the other.
we handle all our comms through slack and you can always pick up your phone and give us a call.

what happens after we become part of the crew?

THATS GOOD PLAN - - - we reflect on your brand and create a tailored plan to go forward.
WELCOME TO THE CREW - - - we’re an extension of —— your brand. we work together to reach your goals.
TOGETHER WE GROW - - - we’ll run your marketing, you run the brand, simple no fuss.